Welcome to our ARK experience.

Recently updated to 358.17

Join Arkonia today to experience ARK at it's finest


Providing an exceptional experience


Powered with Dual E5-2620 CPU's with 64gb of DDR3-1333 on a gigabit port with over 100TB of unmetered-bandwidth running on Debian 8.5, expect a flawless, lag-free experience.


With perfectly configured rates and highly configured mods, you can expect a Balanced playing experience for PvE and PvP alike.

Up to Date

We want you to have an exceptional experience and play the game to its fullest extent. ARK's base server and all mods are updated daily to assure the latest features are available the moment they are released.

Mature Environment

We encourage a mature environment. Other than racism and typical asshattery, feel free to forwardly be an alcoholic and say whatever you like!

Hosted in the USA

Our server located in Chicago, IL is hosted on a premium bandwidth Internap optimized network with over 8 transit providers for low latency worldwide.


Losing data is a no-go. We know what it's like to lose hours of progress due to unstable servers or save corruption. All player progress is backed up off-site 4 times per hour with weekly and monthly archives.


Voting once a day using the sites below allow Arkonia to be seen by more players.