Welcome to Arkonia. Below is a Q&A of Frequently Asked Questions about the server. If you have any questions or would like something added to this list, please create a thread in the General section of the forum.

What are the current PvP Rates?

  • 25x Experience
  • 25x Taming
  • 25x Gathering
  • 25x Breeding
  • 25x Hatching
  • 25x Maturation

What is the Player level cap?

Max level is currently 120 allowing an additional 580 Engram points with an experience curve that is identical to that of the official ARK algorithm for optimal balance.

What is the Dino level cap?

Max wild dino level is currently 120 on The Island/Scorched Earth and 150 on The Center, with a possibility of +50% wild level taming effectiveness, and +61 levels after tame. This makes it possible to achieve a max level of 241 on The Island and 291 on The Center assuming 100% taming effectiveness.

How long do days last in-game?

Time in-game on The Center is currently set to 1 hour per day with 45 minutes of daylight and 15 minutes of night. This is achieved with a DayCycleSpeedScale of 0.84460, a DayTimeSpeedScale of 0.841667, and a NightTimeSpeedScale of 1.47500.

Time in-game on Scorched Earth is currently set to 1 hour per day with 30 minutes of daylight and 30 minutes of night. This is achieved with a DayCycleSpeedScale of 0.84460, a DayTimeSpeedScale of 1.26250, and a NightTimeSpeedScale of 0.73750.

What are other various server variables worth knowing?

  • 0.75x Food Drain (Human, Dino, Baby)
    • Thirst/Hunger decreased 25%
  • 4.0 (max) Difficulty
  • 0.75x Resource Respawn
    • Resource Respawn increased 25%
  • Crosshair enabled
  • Third Person enabled
  • Floating Damage Text disabled
  • Join Notifications enabled
  • Local Voice Chat enabled
  • Global Text Chat enabled
  • Cave Building disabled
  • Structure Decay enabled
  • 1x (Default) Structure Decay Multipler
  • Dino Decay disabled
  • Structure Damage Repair Cooldown is 180 seconds
  • Structure Prevention in high resource areas (i.e. volcano) disabled
  • 15 minute auto-kick AFK timer
  • Prevent Offline PVP is enabled and will take effect 60 minutes after logging out

What are the server rules?

You can click here to view a list of server rules.

When were the server(s) last wiped?

Center PvP: Sept 16, 2016
Scorched Earth PvP: September 16, 2016

How do I connect to the server?

Island PvE: pve.arkonia.net:27015
Center PvP: center.arkonia.net:27015
Scorched Earth PvP: scorched.arkonia.net:27015

I keep timing out while attempting to join the server. What do I do?

Due to the mods on the server and the ARK developers having not optimized for mods being downloaded from the Steam Workshop, simply keep rejoining the server until all mods successfully download and you will eventually be able to connect without any further issues. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there is simply no fix until the ARK developers do something about it.

I get the error “Mod Version Mismatch” while connecting. How do I fix this?

Navigate to your Steam directory (ex. C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam) and remove all files located in /steamapps/common/ARK/ShooterGame/Content/Mods. If the issue still persists, attempt to verify the integrity of your ARK game cache by right-clicking on ARK: Survival Evolved in your Steam game list -> click properties -> go to the Local files tab -> and press “Verify integrity of game cache…”. If you still have issues after attempting the steps above, please create a ticket in the Support section of the forum and we will be more than happy to assist you in troubleshooting.

How can I donate? Do I get any perks?

Donations will be live in the next few days. Donation perks will include cosmetic in-game items that are unobtainable through normal gameplay. Cosmetic items will differ in price depending on glamor and demand. These items include unobtainable player hat skins, dino skins, player/dino effects (particles), name changes, dyes, and more!

Is there a voice server available?

A large majority of the current player base is on Discord. To join our discord: https://discord.gg/BGEg4Dz

Who are the Server Admins?

  • Log1x
  • RageQueen

Can I be a Server Admin?


What mods are currently active?

Download via collection list.

  • ORP 2 – Offline Raid Protection
  • Metal with Glass Set
  • Egg N Poop Collector N Incubator
  • Dino Colors Plus
  • Aku Shima Storage Options
  • Platform Plus
  • Snappy Saddles
  • Stack Me More
  • Light Controller
  • Improved Spyglass
  • Meat Spoiler
  • Pet Finder
  • Death Helper
  • Crystal Lamps
  • Charcoal Baker
  • Better Lights
  • Flaming Sword 2.0
  • Seven’s Forge Kit
  • Seven’s Mini Tweaks
  • Resource Stacks Scorched Earth
  • Reusable Grappling Hook
  • Arkonia Decor Pack
  • Arkonia Donator Items

How do I request a mod?

Simply create a thread in the General section of the forum. If the mod is balanced and suitable for the server, it will be added on the next restart. All mod Engrams and recipes will be manually balanced upon adding them to Arkonia to assure fair gameplay.

When will the next server wipe be?

We do not plan on wiping the server unless absolutely necessary.

Where is the server located?

The server is located in Chicago, IL. and is on a dedicated node hosted by Gigenet.

What is the server being hosted on?

Arkonia is powered by Dual E5-2620 CPU’s, 64GB of DDR3-1333 ECC ram, and 512GB SSD’s in RAID10 on a gigabit port with over 100TB of unmetered-bandwidth running on Debian 8.5 Stable. Backups are stored on a separate 1TB HDD as well as off-site on a 500GB R1Soft storage server. The server is dedicated and all of the hardware is owned and co-located. We’re happy to inform you that this isn’t your below average shared hosting $20 a month game server. This is real hardware optimized for a heavy load to give you the best lag-free gaming experience possible. We guarantee our server is more stable and lag-free than official and a vast majority of unofficial ARK servers.

How often does the server save?

The server is configured to save every 5 minutes as well as when a player joins or leaves the server to assure no progress is lost.

How often is the server backed up?

The server runs multiple cronjobs to backup every 15 minutes. All backups are stored off-site and are automatic with timestamps.

What happens if I lose a cosmetic hat I paid for?

Simply make a thread in the Support section of the forum and an Admin will look over the logs and in most scenarios restore your item.

What happens if my custom colored Dinosaur is killed?

Depending on the amount donated, custom colored Dinosaurs include an insurance policy. Please take regular screenshots of your Dino’s colors as well as it’s leveling progress and it will be re-spawned to you upon request after confirming in logs that it is dead.

<insert mod name here> is completely unbalanced! Can you please remove it?

If you find an exploit or deem a mod to be unbalanced and unfair in regular play, please submit a removal request in the Support forum.

A mod was removed and I wasted Engram points. Help!

If you have invested Engram points into an item that is no longer available on Arconia, please make a ticket in the Support section of the forum and we will provide you with a free Mindwipe Tonic allowing you to respec your character.

How do I get rid of the horrific bloom/glare in-game? Did J.J. Abrams produce this game?

You can follow this guide found on reddit here. And no, surprisingly enough, J.J. Abrams’ Lens Flare fetish had nothing to do with you now being legally blind.