Welcome to the Arkonia server rules!

Please keep the server friendly and enjoyable so that we may have the best ARK experience possible! Rules are subject to change anytime based on the needs of the server and community. Please review the list of current rules in order to keep our servers as peaceful as possible.

Keep in mind this server is recommended 18+ for mature audiences. It is founded on a community of mature, adult gamers and therefor is not censored beyond these rules.

General Rules

  1. Racism, sexism, hate speech/harrasment, or excessive trash talking and trolling will not be tolerated in any form.
  2. No hacking, cheating, or exploiting. This is an immediate permanent ban as well as VAC reportable.
  3. No spamming or posting inappropriate content.
  4. Do not promote other game servers or communities.
  5. Admins will not restore lost items
  6. Take the drama to your mama. We won’t have time for drama as we promote mature 18+ communities for sensible adults.

PvP & PvE Server Rules

    • Intentionally blocking expansion of others bases by use of any structure or pillar.
    • Harassing, targeting, or killing fresh/new players under level 40 (this only gives you about an hour head start!)
    • Caging players for longer than 30 minutes.
    • Training/leading dinosaurs (like wyverns for example) towards another player or base as a means to destroy them.
    • Any behavior that deliberately hinders or sabotages another player’s gaming experience.
    • Tribes may not be raided more than once every 24 hours FROM the grace period, even if previously raided by ANOTHER tribe. Raided tribes: Please immediately place a Metal Sign outside with the text “RAIDED” on it to begin your 24 hour grace period. Without the sign, you may be raided again. Abuse of this system will result in suspensions!
    • No base wiping/leveling structures. No total destruction.
    • No killing tames or interfering with tames (such as blocking resources or narcing or camping the player.)
    • Wyverns ARE allowed for raiding. Turret up boys.
    • No battle quetzals, boxed in quetzals, boxing in a rider, or trojan horse structures on saddles.
    • Don’t be a pussy. This is a big kid PvP server and raids WILL happen.

    Structures and dinosaurs often get caught in a large blast radius, so please build smart and avoid putting passive dinosaurs near walls. Remember, rocket launchers do splash damage. Please be considerate when raiding, as excessive killing of passive dinos and unnecessary/savage acts are highly frowned upon here. Please do not target tribes repeatedly, as we want to promote activity on our servers, not drive away tribes.

    • Do not use pillars or foundations as a means to save space, mark territory, block another player, block resources, etc. We understand this is a problem for official servers, however it IS NOT ALLOWED here. Either build or don’t build. Any clutter will be automatically removed on sight.

    • Tribe members maxed at 10 players per tribe.
    • Bases are limited up to TWO bases per tribe on THE CENTER & up to ONE WATER RESOURCE base per tribe on SCORCHED EARTH. Small shacks will be demolished regularly.
    • No building close enough to another tribe that limits their base expansion! This means not being a dick and building too close to another player.
    • No building in resource rich areas (or blocking resources) including mountains with major metal/crystal spawns.
    • No building turrets to block players from accessing metal, beaver, crystal, supply drops, or other resources OR block their paths to areas such as caves and obelisks.
    • No obelisk, volcano, cave (entrance OR inside), or beaver dam area building on any maps.
    • No building on floating island OR the iceberg (The Center.)

    If you are unsure if the area you want to build in is safe, please ask an admin on discord or knowledgeable player (Mr. Big, Bonix, Baby J, etc.)

    • No turrets on mining shacks or temporary building structures (taming pens, etc.)
    • Turrets will be limited to bases only.
    • Please be courteous when using rocket launchers. It is highly unnecessary to use a launcher to open a storage box. In fact, just don’t.
    • No using C4 on dinos or players.

Violations of these rules will result in a warning first with the choice to abide by the rules (such as being asked to remove bases or structures) then secondly suspension or ban from the server depending on the violation and degree of infraction. Repeated offenses after the first suspension will NOT be tolerated. Please keep in mind all situations are unique and handled on a case by case basis. ARK is a hard game to police with many grey areas, so please be mature adults as our admins handle the server.

To report a player breaking any of these rules, please submit a ticket on the Support board of the forum following the proper format example.

Last Updated: September 16, 2016